Web development
Harness the power of interconnection.

Meta Strategies delivers Web-based solutions and online strategies integrated into the work of the organization. We help you incorporate your organization’s existing resources — for instance, your event calendars, databases and mail blast tools — into one seamless website. We show you how to maximize social media and make it simple for anyone on your team to update and maintain your organization’s online presence. Further, we believe these services should be affordable, customized to your specific needs and easy to maintain.

Change Work

Change Work
When your world is complex, you can start anywhere.

Meta Strategies works with non-profit, public and socially responsible private sector organizations on tough problems — problems that keep coming back, despite efforts to fix them.
We believe our clients themselves often hold the solutions to the challenges they face, and that it’s our job to help them look in the right places. Our deeply collaborative approach means we’ll work with you to uncover solutions and create a new way forward.

Change Work

Network Visualization
Analysis and Development: Tapping the Power of Distributed Systems.

At Meta Strategies, we believe in the power of mapping and understanding your networks — be that the web of people and services inherent to your individual organization or to your greater sector or world. To achieve this, we offer both low-tech approaches to helping you better visualize the people and things that make up your network and digital network visualization and analysis tools. By making visible the complex web of connections your organization both encompasses and is a part of, you can better identify emergent leaders, uncover gaps and notice areas for potential growth. Using technology like online survey tools and network analysis software, we can help you generate Java-enabled maps to assess your network’s resiliency and strategically identify points for strengthening connections.

Change Work

Our approach is both fun and highly interactive,
putting you in the driver’s seat.
To help you address your particular needs, we do the following:

Complexity Theory
Apply a complexity lens

We help you see the challenges you face in the context of dynamic systems and guide you to work within these frameworks.

We work with you to unearth the significant patterns at play in the ways that you operate, and help you identify key leverage points for nurturing growth.

Some key resources
we rely on:

Liberating Structures
Network Weaving
Adaptive Action
Positive Deviance

Emergent Process
Leverage the power
of networks

We view networks as the scaffolds that connect a system’s diverse elements. It’s through these networks that all of one’s resources, opportunities and potential for people to flourish flows.

We believe using a networked approach opens up possibilities to improve efficiencies, spark innovation and generate powerful learning opportunities.

By helping you learn how to do efficient network analysis and mapping, we support you in applying networked approaches to leadership and change work.

We help you do sense-making, measuring and tracking – both of your existing activities and the results of changes you’ve implemented –as you go, enabling you to identify and act on emergent or uncertain outcomes.

Network Theory
Introduce new methods and new results

We help you make positive shifts in your workplace culture by changing the way you engage with your team, uncovering your team members’ valuable insights and capitalizing on the strength of existing relationships.

We support you in taking actions large and small to facilitate behavioural changes among staff. We show you how shifting your tactics and discovering new methods for engagement can have a profound impact.

Through coaching and learning opportunities, we help you employ creative approaches like Liberating Structures, Positive Deviance and Design Thinking – methods that help groups get to where they need to go through processes that are satisfying, illuminating and fun.


Web Programming

We offer and build customized web solutions that suit your needs, and the needs of your clientele.


We help our clients illustrate the bigger picture in their worlds. From there, we co-develop processes and strategies that address the specific challenges you face in your work.

Project Managment

Using a network approach and a complexity lens, we apply our knowledge, skills, and techniques to execute projects, big and small in scope.


We lead high energy, high engagement events and meetings. Our methods create space for everyone to contribute, and help participants think outside the box.


We support our clients every step of the way. We listen in closely, doing sense-making and strategy development with you throughout the course of our work. By working with us, you gain experience and capacity to apply our methods in future situations.


We can write content for your site, Ad campaign of just about anything else you need some writing for.

Barry Veerkamp,

Barry Veerkamp has been developing and managing websites and Web-based applications for over twenty years. He has worked on hundreds of projects, both locally and internationally and has a number of technical specialties, from online database and custom website development to graphic design, technical consulting, support and training. He brings a creative, fun and personalized approach to IT and Web-based solutions.

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Michelle Gay,

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Liz Rykert

Liz Rykert provides consultation, coaching, project development, strategy design and facilitation services.

Liz began her career as a social worker, primarily working in community development in various downtown Toronto neighbourhoods. Her interest in finding new approaches for supporting and engaging the changing communities around her led her to an early adoptionof technology for collaboration, activism and citizen engagement. Meta Strategies, which Liz founded in 1997, was born out of her application of community development skills to the burgeoning world of online community and engagement. Over time, Liz has developed her coaching and facilitation skills to reflect her knowledge of complex systems. She has identified and introduced concepts such as Network Mapping and Analysis and Positive Deviance to her community of colleagues and clients through workshops and dynamic learning events. She has a knack for figuring things out and she seriously loves a challenge.

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Alice Taylor,
Writer | Editor

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